About Minnesota Loves Libraries

Minnesota Loves Libraries is a statewide effort sponsored by CRPLSA to gather stories from library users about why they love their library and how their library has made a difference in their lives. These stories will be shared with legislators on Minnesota Library Legislative Day in March 2017 at the state Capitol.

In order to ensure these stories have the maximum impact, we need the name and address of the person who is submitting the story. Your data will not be shared with anyone aside from your legislators and your local and regional library offices. It is important that legislators know they are hearing from the people they represent, and they often want to respond to their constituents.

The campaign will be run across the state, but each library region has discretion over how the campaign will run. For more information you can visit your local library, or just use the form here to submit your comments and we will deliver your comments, along with all the others that are submitted here, to your legislators in March!