Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program?
This is a statewide campaign sponsored by CRPLSA to gather stories of the impact libraries have in their communities. It is being conducted both as an old-fashioned “mail in” advocacy effort and an online campaign. You will ask patrons to fill out postcards telling stories about why they love their library, or to visit a website and fill out an online form with their story. You collect the responses and deliver them to your legislators at the end of the campaign period. 


What do we hope to accomplish?
Legislators often say they want to hear from their constituents, and libraries are looking for ways to show the impact they have on their communities. What better way to accomplish both than to ask library users themselves to share their stories?


Is this required?
No, but it is highly encouraged. The campaign can only have a big impact if we have big participation.


Will this take up a lot of time?
As much (or as little) as you choose. There are resources on our website that will help you. You can print out the postcards and/or direct people to the online comment collecting form. You can put out signs asking for comments, display maps of legislative districts to help people determine what district they are in, encourage people to share the campaign on their social media channels, or whatever works in your location with your staffing capabilities.


How is this being publicized?
A general press release is being sent out statewide and each of the 12 regional library systems are participating. There are promotional materials available for download on the website, and social media tips have been created for use as well.


What’s in it for us?
We have added an “opt in” piece to both the paper and electronic versions to let people tell you they want to be contacted by their library. It’s an opportunity for you to collect stories and contact information that you can use in your own promotional materials, to recruit members to your Friends group, or for fundraising.