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In order to ensure these stories have the maximum impact, we need the name and address of the person who is submitting the story. Your data will not be shared with anyone aside from your legislators and your local and regional library offices. It is important that legislators know they are hearing from the people they represent, and they often want to respond to their constituents. Enter your ZIP code. The form will then ask for your house number and you can find your street in the drop down menu. Once you do that a page will pop up showing your polling place and the next election. If you scroll down, you will see a box listing "Districts for this address." We need your MN House district -- both the number AND the letter -- to make sure your postcard gets to your legislators. Your House District number is also the number of your Senate District. Enter your House District number and letter on the blank provided so that we can print the postcards and give them to your Representative and Senator on Minnesota Library Legislative Day. Tell us how your library has made a difference in your life and why you love your library!

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