How to Print the Postcards

Print the postcards (we suggest using cardstock).

Printer settings:

  • 8.5”x11”
  • Cardstock
  • 2-sided
  • Landscape
  • Flip on short edge

Include Instructions

Possibly in a document holder near where you are collecting cards. Have a decorated box, a fishbowl, or some other container to hold completed cards. We do need complete physical addresses (no PO Boxes, please), to ensure legislators receive comments from their constituents. There is a small box in the lower right to indicate Senate and House Districts; a QR code in the lower right of the card will take patrons to a link that allows them to enter their street address, city, state and ZIP code. Entering that information will provide them with a listing of their Representative and House District. You can also provide a computer with access to the pollfinder website from the Secretary of State’s office or maps of the legislative districts your library serves to help patrons determine their district.

*TIP: If we have the House District, identified by a number and a letter, we know they are residents of the Senate District of the same number. (For example, Senate District 26 is made up of House Districts 26A and 26B.)