Social Media Resources

Even if your library is not utilizing the electronic portion of the campaign you can promote your postcard campaign via social media. Use the downloadable resources on the website to change your library’s profile picture, cover picture, and other social media images to promote the campaign.  SELCO will post regularly about the campaign; feel free to share any or all of SELCO’s posts on Facebook and Twitter, or create your own content.


  • Use the downloadable resources to change your cover image and profile image on your social media accounts.
  • Ask your staff to consider promoting the campaign on their own social media accounts.
  • Encourage your followers to Like, Share, and/or change their own profile pictures temporarily to help spread the word.
  • Share photos of what you are doing to promote the campaign.
  • Use the hashtag #mnloveslibraries
  • Visit the Facebook Discussion group to share ideas for promoting the campaign at your library

Facebook Cover Graphic

Facebook Profile Graphic

Twitter Graphic